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What is GRP? Glass Reinforced Plastic

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) is the material of choice for multiple applications.

Modern GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic composite materials are now widely used where high performance, low weight and or low cost are important.

At AllScope Projects, we supply GRP glass reinforced plastic and Carbon Fibre solutions to a wide range of sectors and industry applications for both high tech and efficient focussed solutions.

With the ability to easily produce prototypes of GRP and Carbon Fibre concepts, we can bring designs to test to mass production in a cost effective, short time span. GRP materials have huge benefits in the manufacturing and production including:

GRP Composite Materials

  • Light Weight
  • Highly Durable
  • High Strength
  • Slip Resistant
  • Corrosive Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Ease of Prototyping
  • Cost Effective
  • Various Painting and Finishes

As a composite material, GRP can be more commonly referred to as fibreglass.

GRP is formed using a range of strand formats including chopped strand mat, woven roving, non-woven aramid Kevlar cloth, carbon fibre Kevlar hybrid cloth and Kevlar moulded.

Allscope Projects create GRP mouldings to your requirements meaning it can be as rigid or as flexible as your design needs.

We provide GRP and Carbon Fibre solutions to a wide range of industries and member of Composites UK.

To find out more about AllScope Projects GRP and Carbon Fibre design, manufacture and finishing, call us on 01282 446 300

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AllScope Projects Include:

GRP Solutions vs Steel In Agriculture

In this case study we look at how the Agricultural sector benefit from switching equipment to GRP from steel

GRP Rail Supplies

Our recent rail network GRP project focussed on GRP vs stainless steel in the production of oil drip trays for standing trains and rail track protection.

GRP Prototype Example

We support the UK’s leading assisted living design and manufacturer of innovative bathing, changing and washing equipment Kingkraft, with GRP Prototype project for Trade Show and mass manufacture

Amscreen GRP Manufacture

Amscreen provide urban environments across the UK with the tools they need to become the cities of the future. AllScope supported Amscreen to create a GRP solution for their re-modelled digital version of the classic K2.

Phenolic GRP Train Parts

Phenolic GRP Train Parts have a minimum regulatory standard. See how we manufacture nappy changing units for trains on the West Coast mainline.

GRP Ventilation Covers

We were contacted by Dynamic Construction, a Yorkshire based building services and construction contractors, to support them with a roof top ventilation covers project at Leeds Beckett University.

AllScope Projects Reduces Carbon Footprint

NorthWest GRP and Carbon Fibre manufacturer AllScope Projects are pleased to report dedicated energy efficiency measures has reduced their carbon footprint and increased orders.

GRP Restoration Church Project

We were approached by a NorthWest church that was undergoing a building project to see if GRP restoration would be suitable for a steeple clock face that had been battered and beaten by weather and wildlife. This is how we…

Vehicle Conversion GRP

We provide specific GRP part solutions to both specialist vehicle conversion providers and direct from vehicle manufacturers.In this case study we are focussing on GRP solutions for the safe transportation of Dogs in car kennels.

GRP Solution for Telephone Boxes

More than 100 telephone boxes were required to be placed in various locations around the city of London for artists to adorn with their artwork. Find out why GRP was the perfect solution for durability and transportation