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GRP / Kevlar / Carbon fibre composites

Composites – the materials of choice for a number of high-tech applications

Modern GRP composite materials are now widely used in high-tech applications such as in the aerospace industry; wind turbine blades and wherever high performance, low weight and low cost are important.


Composites are a range of reinforced materials; offering numerous advantages over traditional materials. They are generally lightweight – yet incredibly strong – and offer a wide selection of radical designs… whilst remaining extremely cost effective to produce.

  • Durable: Chemical resistant, Non corrosive, Good weatherability, Strong
  • Versatile: Flexible design, Adaptable
  • Economical: Low tooling costs, Cost effective
  • Attractive: Good finish, Lightweight, organic appearance


All Sizes

Mouldings, from as small as a cup holder; to as large as a double decker bus front end – and everything in between – are all suitable applications for GRP.

All Shapes

GRP is the ideal material to produce mouldings with radius’ and curves, giving products a flowing organic look and feel.

All Colours & Finishes

The surface gelcoat of a GRP moulding can be specified in virtually any colour – and in both gloss and matt finishes. Painting the surface can add different looks and textures.

Fire Retardant

GRP mouldings can be specified to conform to the requirements of BS476 Part 7 , Class 1 and Class 2. Phenolic GRP mouldings can be specified to conform to the requirements of EN:45545-2.