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AllScope Projects work with your design teams to bring projects to life
providing cost effective prototype production and testing facilities

Prototype Hydrotherapy

Remove the cost of uncertainty by producing Prototypes to test
methodology, practicality and design enhancements

Prototype your next project at AllScope Projects

Using GRP and Carbon Fibre composites makes prototyping quick and easy. 


You’ve probably spent a great deal of time developing an idea, graphics and potential designs on an exciting project.

You’re probably wanting to get to production as soon as possible and get your product to market, but do you have the time and budget to prototype your idea first? 

Using GRP and Carbon Fibre composite material prototyping, provides a very quick and low cost. low risk solution. Prototyping enables you to test your concepts first, change designs based on testing and gain feedback. 

Many AllScope Projects Prototype clients utilise GRP prototyping when working towards strict safety compliance regulations and standards. Seeing and touching a prototype brings the project alive and can highlight elements of a design that cannot be identified on paper. 

Working from your designs, AllScope Projects Prototyping enables you to see samples, to then develop through testing, before taking to mass production. 


Prototype and Design

Benefits of Prototypes include:


Low Cost


Quick Turn Around


Physical Testing


Safety Testing




Reduce Risk

Featured Case Studies:

Vehicle Conversion GRP

We provide specific GRP part solutions to both specialist vehicle conversion providers and direct from vehicle manufacturers.In this case study we are focussing on GRP solutions for the safe transportation of Dogs in car kennels.

GRP Carbon Fibre Formula Car

GRP Specialists AllScope Projects Support Lancaster University Formulae Student AllScope Projects, the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) and Carbon Fibre specialists, have completed a complicated, yet exhilarating support and manufacture project with the...

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