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GRP moulded products - Case Studies

View our Case Studies detailing a variety of GRP and Carbon Fibre productions in a range of markets and industry specifications.

  • Key features of the project
  • Specialisms employed
  • Special materials and properties
  • Client requirements, e.g. fire retardant
  • Special finishes
  • Structural characteristics
  • Special approvals or codes of practice
  • Niche markets

GRP Restoration Church Project

We were approached by a NorthWest church that was undergoing a building project to see if GRP restoration would be suitable for a steeple clock face that had been battered and beaten by weather and wildlife. This is how we…

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Vehicle Conversion GRP

We provide specific GRP part solutions to both specialist vehicle conversion providers and direct from vehicle manufacturers.In this case study we are focussing on GRP solutions for the safe transportation of Dogs in car kennels.

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GRP Solution for Telephone Boxes

More than 100 telephone boxes were required to be placed in various locations around the city of London for artists to adorn with their artwork. Find out why GRP was the perfect solution for durability and transportation

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GRP Carbon Fibre Formula Car

GRP Specialists AllScope Projects Support Lancaster University Formulae Student AllScope Projects, the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) and Carbon Fibre specialists, have completed a complicated, yet exhilarating support and manufacture project with the...

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