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Phenolic GRP Train Parts – Nappy Changing Units

Since 2008 AllScope Projects have been manufacturing Phenolic GRP baby changing trays for Alstom to a high specification.


As these nappy changing units are installed into the toilets of the West Coast Mainline trains, there is a regulatory requirement to ensure Phenolic GRP train parts and accessories are manufactured to meet high health and safety standards. These include:


Finished using Phenolic GRP

Phenolic GRP ensures the units are highly fire retardant, meaning should the train contain a fire, the materials used can withstand high temperatures and emit a low smoke toxicity.

Lightweight, safe and robust features


With a folding bracket included in the design, the unit needs to have a long term life span and prevent damage to the attaching wall. The unit needs to be easy to unfold and return to an upright position in the situation where the child minder has to manage both the unit and child. This requires several safety features including:

GRP is a highly durable and lightweight composite, enabling easy movement in both closed and open positions.


Embedded Operating Brackets:
We have sourced mounted brackets that attach to trains wall and hinge mechanism to enable smooth transitioning of the tray both up and down.

It is important these brackets can withstand frequent use of up and down motion,  the weight of pressure when in use, the turbulent motion of a train in transit and prevent damage to the attaching wall in any given position.

The brackets are also embedded into the unit by design to reduce the chance of any foreign objects becoming entangled.


Latch Locking Mechanism:
The unit is stored in an upright position, meaning robust and secure locking is required for safety and to withstand turbulence from the movement of the train. Naturally, it should also be easy for the user to unlatch within the circumstance the unit is being used.


GRP finishes are smooth and highly durable, meaning they are easy to maintain hygienically, can withstand cleaning chemicals and are corrosive resistant to rust.


Safety belt:
AllScope Projects also source and install the adjustable baby safety belt with closing bracket, safely attached to the Phenolic GRP unit.


Complete Turnkey Solution: 

This project provides our client with a complete turnkey solution including support with the initial design, mould making, sourcing and installation of the brackets, latch locking mechanism, safety belt, unit manufacture, testing and delivery to central base for installation.

AllScope Projects are proud of our roots and supporting British manufacturing. Based in Nelson, Lancashire we have been granted the Made In Britain mark. Read more about this award here.

For more information on Phenolic GRP train parts and accessories for rolling stock, contact the team at AllScope Projects to see how we can support with design, prototypes and moulding and Manufacture, to find the most cost effective solution for your next project.

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