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GRP in Refrigeration and Retail

We work with refrigeration manufacturers and retailers using GRP panels for internal and external covers and panels. 
Benefits include easy clean, hygienic, light weight, durable and cost effective.

GRP in Trains

We work with train manufacturers and upcyclers providing GRP internal and external parts. 

Benefits include strength and durability, fire retardent, lightweight, and quick manufacture turnaround.

All elements of Design

Working to your project requirements in GRP Design


GRP and Carbon Fibre Design is not all about the look. It’s about practicality, technical performance, precision engineering and of course, the look! 

We work with designers from a wide range of industries to tailor specification requirements around practical and robust product manufacture.

Working in GRP and Carbon Fibre materials AllScope provides a quick turn around from Design to Prototyping.
This allows a more robust product testing process, removing cost from unnecessary delays and providing absolute product confidence, before mass production.

Using the vast knowledge and experience in Glass Reinforced Plastics available from the AllScope team, 
A complete and comprehensive service for GRP Design projects delivers: 

3D Modelling


Design Software

Working with vast number of design formats including CAD, STEP, IGES, DWG, DXF, 3D modelling and more


GRP Prototypes

Tooling and first-off products to confirm design and method avoiding errors


Stringent GRP Testing Procedures

Structural testing, fire testing, practical and “fit for purpose” testing – with recognised approvals where required


Project Manual

We can provide a comprehensive manual and report covering all aspects of the project from design to specifications and production, with quality assurance and health and safety considerations, giving continuity and structure in manufacture of your Glass Reinforced Plastic product.



Factory layout, GRP tooling requirements, GRP production methods, jigs, time & motion studies, training materials, quality control, health & safety, logistics – all under the same control, avoiding conflicts in project flow.


Project Management

Co-ordination of all the disciplines, research and design in a well-tried, structured and professional manner


GRP Design Development Ideas

Using AllScope experience for a practical and efficient solution


Financial Feasibility Studies

Cost analysis, best process/value for part, financial planning to avoid unnecessary time and price delays or re-works



AllScope GRP manufacturing facilities are suitable for small to medium scale production, prototypes and tooling. We can vet other GRP manufacturing facilities for suitability (i.e. location, costs, systems, capacity, quality etc) avoiding costly inappropriate sourcing

As a composite material, GRP can be more commonly referred to as fibreglass.

GRP is formed using a range of strand formats including chopped strand mat, woven roving, non-woven aramid Kevlar cloth, carbon fibre Kevlar hybrid cloth and Kevlar moulded.

AllScope Projects create GRP mouldings to your requirements meaning it can be as rigid or as flexible as your design needs. 

We provide GRP and Carbon Fibre solutions to a wide range of industries. 


AllScope Projects Clients Include:

GRP Ventilation Covers

GRP Ventilation Covers

We were contacted by Dynamic Construction, a Yorkshire based building services and construction contractors, to support them with a roof top ventilation covers project at Leeds Beckett University.

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