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New Apprentice Filip Joins The Team

Apprentice JoinsWe are pleased to support another Apprentice, Filip Wilczewski from local Apprenticeship provider North Lancs Training Group .

We recognise the importance of supporting people into manufacturing and have an internal programme that has seen us take on 5 Apprentices in the last 5 years.

Filip 18, has joined us Full Time whilst studying a 12 month ‘Lean Manufacturing Operative’ qualification. Filip will work in a number of areas across the GRP Manufacture process to gain valuable experience and have the opportunity to provide his own thoughts and feedback to support our production teams.

Filip will also explore Lean manufacturing techniques such as 5s (Sifting, Sorting, Sweeping, Spick & Span and Sustain) and work in-line with our ISO9001:2015 accreditation and process management. He will also learn about our ISO14001:2015 accreditation including environmental systems and regulatory requirements.

We asked Filip why he chose to take the Apprenticeship route and how he has settled in with the team at AllScope Projects.

Why did you choose to take the Apprenticeship route? 
I wanted to learn and earn a salary at the same time and an Apprenticeship allows me to do that. Being a 12 months course is a good amount of time to understand what is required in a manufacturing role and then be able to check-in at the end, that I am taking the right career path.

Why did you choose a GRP Manufacturer?
I have always been interested in cars and transport manufacture. When talking to my Tutor we found that AllScope Projects manufacture across a wide range of transport modes including Trains, Coach and Commercial Vehicle Conversions.

I didn’t actually know what GRP was at first, but already I am learning a lot and didn’t realise just how beneficial GRP is and where it is used in things I see in everyday life.

5 Weeks in to your new role, what have you been working on? 
Already I have had hands on experience and learning. Every day I am on the production floor and have learnt all about GRP moulds and priming. My Production Supervisor Shaun asked me about my interests in automotive, so my first project has been working on GRP manufacture of coach drivers dashboards and the cabin area.

How are you finding the mix of practical and academic learning? 
Good so far. My tutor will be visiting me regularly at work and sets on-going assessments. I make a log of my daily activities and practical learning and upload to an online journal to track progress. I willl have an exam at the end of the year.


Introducing Apprentices Into Manufacturing

Speaking to Michael Davies, Operations Director Michael Davies said, “Filip has settled in well and is enjoying working in a production environment.
We are always extremely positive in supporting people into manufacturing through the Apprenticeship route. It gives the Apprentice the opportunity to learn more about the industry and good working practices, whilst enabling us as a business to recognise and develop new talent.” We look forward to seeing Filip progress and enjoy his learning.”

Michael Ormerod, NLTG Tutor and Assessor said ”AllScope is an excellent employer to work with. They have a real commitment to training and will support Fillip throughout. Both Fillip and I are eager to continue to build his skill set and knowledge base, giving him both lean and manufacturing training that ultimately will benefit him, and AllScope in his career path.”