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GRP Ventilation Cover Case Study.

In this case study we focus on the construction industry as we supported with GRP ventilation cover for a university flat roof, air conditioning project.


We were contacted by Dynamic Construction, a Yorkshire based building services and construction contractors, to support them with a project at Leeds Beckett University.

The University has existing ventilation units in place, but required additional units, resulting in a requirement for additional GRP ventilation covers, to match the existing units already in situ.

Time was of the essence, which is just one of the reasons AllScope Projects were engaged. We have the the resource and capability to move quickly, understand the requirements, works with original designs, manufacture and supply to specification, all within tight timescales.

GRP Ventilation Cover

GRP Ventilation Covers Support COVID-19 Requirement

In line with health and safety requirements following the COVID-19 pandemic, the University needed extra ventilation capacity to service the performance studio’s and theatres serving students and the general public.

This meant additional ventilation units were installed externally, on a high and flat roof which would require protection from the weather, dirt and flying debris in a way that would also enable required circulation and ventilation.

Specifications determined we had to match the GRP ventilation cover to the existing unit covers in place, including by dimension, material specification and finished colour.

This was another project that required a good and close working relationship with our client in a joint venture. Dynamic Construction manufactured the boxes using insulated foam board and Allscope Projects were then engaged to:

  • Create the case lid moulds based on original unit specification.
  • Manufacture the case lids.
  • Cover the cases with GRP and flocoat.
  • Create wall cladding panels.


Benefits of GRP and Client Feedback

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)  is the perfect material for this type of project with many benefits including

  • Lightweight – The GRP solution was hollow, meaning it was lightweight and perfect for placement on a roof.
  • Robust and Durable – GRP with a flocoat finish is robust, durable and highly resistant to damage in a roof top position from flying debris and bad weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow and ice. This provide a long life span.
  • Design – Ability to make a mould to exactly match an existing design.
  • Cost effective – Now that an identical mould has been created, it can be re-used and replicated on other matching ventilation systems.
  • Quick Turnaround – Once design and specifications were approved, production and supply was completed within 10 days

Dynamic Construction were delighted with the support we provided and thanking us with our assistance with the project. By creating the case lid moulds they are now in a better position to be able to reproduce in the future on other projects.


Is GRP the solution for your next project?

Do you have a project that requires new moulds to match existing specification?

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