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GRP Restoration Project for Church Clock.

Our recent church clock GRP restoration project provides a robust, yet light weight and cost effective solution. 

We were approached by a North West church that was undergoing a building project to see if GRP restoration would be suitable for a steeple clock face. 

The existing clock face had been in position for over 50 years. It was wooden and naturally having been set in a high position, was severely weather and wildlife beaten, leading to rot, warped in shape and a danger to the public underneath. 

Why was GRP restoration required? 

The existing wooden clock had feature glass in the centre, close to the clock face mechanism which sat suspended behind the glass. The original wooden feature was made of 4 quarter solid wooden panels that were separating, capturing dirt and debris from the weather and becoming unstable.

The clock face was also looking tired with flaking paint, leading to debris falling from a great height, potentially endangering people below.


Why was GRP the solution? 

Using GRP (Glass Replacement Plastic) provides a wide range of advantages.

  • Lightweight – The GRP solution was hollow, meaning it was lightweight and easy to fit in place using the same 4 quarter piece fitting.
  • Robust – GRP is a much more weather proof solution and as a sealed unit with self-coloured gelcoat blue finish, will not deteriorate in weather conditions, providing a longer life span.
  • Design – Made to measure and sit exactly in the stone housing.
  • Cost effective – Now that an identical mould has been created, it can be re-used and replicated on other steeple faces. The materials are much more cost effective and have a greater longevity. The GRP gelcoat finish can also be easily cleaned and maintained.



Is GRP the solution for your next restoration project? 

Do you have a project that requires restoration, with existing parts that are no longer fit for purpose? 

Many restoration projects struggle because there is a lack of original components available, leading to high supply costs and delayed projects.

Contact the team at AllScope Projects to see how we can support with design, prototypes and moulding to find the most cost effective solution for your next project. Call 01282 446330