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Vehicle Conversion parts at AllScope Projects come in all shapes and sizes.

We provide specific GRP part solutions to both specialist vehicle conversion providers and direct from vehicle manufacturers.

In this case study we are focussing on GRP solutions for the safe transportation of Dogs in car kennels.


The Criteria
We were contacted by a Specialist Vehicle Conversion company that required a GRP solution to safely house dogs in transportation in the back of Ford and Peugeot vehicles.

Our client would be customising the vehicle on the outside (and some internal), but they needed a robust solution to safely house a single or multiple dogs.

There are many criteria’s to consider, not least in best practice manufacture, but in the welfare of animals whilst in transportation including:

  • Materials used to support general comfort and safety of the animal including noise reduction
  • Materials used to enable regular cleaning
  • DEFRA and RSPCA guidelines


Manufacturing Considerations
Once we identified the welfare considerations of animal transportation, we could then identify the most suitable manufacturing solution.

  • Using robust materials for durability and reduce injury in case of high impact damage
  • Differential in size of access to vehicle vs available space in the vehicle
  • Ability to attach additional components (gates, windows, sensors etc)
  • Ability to securely fit mobile kennel into the vehicle and reduce movement
  • Ability to remove the mobile kennel on vehicle decommissioning
  • Drainage for regular cleaning
  • Suitability of finish


Using GRP composite materials enables us to create prototypes before mass production. This reduces risk, cost and maximises design to production time, easily identifying new considerations highlighted in testing.

In this case, the mobile dog kennel had to be fitted into 3 specific models of Ford and Peugeot manufactured vehicles, each requiring a different shell, fitting design, installation and removal process.

Our final designs created 2 models into mass manufacture, that can be adapted to include centre patricians for single or multiple dog occupancy.

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