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GRP Solution for Telephone Boxes London Project.

Owing to the vast experience, knowledge and production facilities, AllScope Projects has become a leader in the world of GRP mouldings.

Throughout its history, the company has developed and manufactured products for automotive, aerospace, furniture and construction industries amongst others, in order to deliver viable and cost-effective solutions.

One of the many projects AllScope Projects has been called upon to undertake involved creating GRP (glass reinforced plastic) mouldings for the iconic red telephone box, as part of a 25 year celebration for the Childline charity.

More than 100 telephone boxes were required to be placed in various locations around the city of London for artists to adorn with their artwork. But the original structures were too weighty to be transported and the cost would be too high.

This is where AllScope Projects came in.

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As the ArtBoxes (telephone boxes) had to be moved around and positioned outdoors, there was a great need for them to be light enough to manoeuvre into position, yet strong enough to be robust and made from durable materials, without the costs spiralling.

GRP mouldings offered the most obvious solution as they could be created using the toughest, high-quality materials such as fibreglass sheeting, gel overlay and resin.

Combined, these elements would produce replica phone boxes that could be easily moved, withstand transportation and poor weather conditions.

The GRP modelling and moulding process

The in-house team at AllScope ensured the creation of the GRP moulds underwent meticulous processes to not only look identical in design (apart from the colour, as the replicas had to be white to provide a blank canvas for the artists), but also adhere to the weight and cost restrictions imposed by the client.

After making sure the finer details, as well as the main components, of the telephone box were covered, an initial layer was formed by painting the surface with gel-coat. After being left to dry, the gel-coat was then coated with resin before the fibreglass sheeting would be added to the damp surface.

To strengthen the panelled sections, plywood sheets were placed on top of the wet resin and it was left to cure before each section of the mould was removed. Before the sections were assembled, the surfaces and edges were hand trimmed to remove any unwanted materials.

Wooden strips were then used to join the sections and support the entire structure prior to the hinges and handles being added. Any necessary touch ups and a final inspection were then completed.
After just three months, AllScope Projects had successfully created over 100 GRP replica telephone boxes within the clients brief, time and budget. The GRP telephone boxes were lightweight, robust, economical and portable.

More than 5 years later, some of the ArtBoxes can still be found in London – a testimony to the incredible properties of GRP moulding.
AllScope not only creates GRP moulds around existing products, the specialist team can also design bespoke prototypes for new products, along with conceptual drawings.

From small components to huge structural projects, the size of the moulds is limitless and can be made to suit each individual specification.

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