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GRP design development and solutions


From initial design concepts and detail drawings…



 … to prototyping and testing…

Your ideas + AllScope experience and design skills

= practical and economical GRP products

Using the vast knowledge and experience in Glass Reinforced Plastics available from the AllScope team, designs are efficiently developed into prototypes and final production avoiding impractical or inappropriate detailing for GRP which can cause delays and unnecessary cost.

 A complete and comprehensive service for GRP projects which can deliver:–

  • Financial Feasibility Studies
    Cost analysis, best process/value for part, financial planning
  • Design and Development of GRP Ideas
    Using AllScope experience for a practical and efficient solution
  • GRP Prototypes
    Tooling and first-off products to confirm design and method avoid production errors
  • Stringent GRP Testing Procedures
    Structural testing, fire testing, practical and "fit for purpose" testing - with recognised approvals where required
  • Project Management
    Co-ordination of all the disciplines, research and design in a well-tried, structured and professional manner
  • Vetting
    AllScope GRP manufacturing facilities are suitable for small to medium scale production, prototypes and tooling. We can vet other GRP manufacturing facilities for suitability (i.e. location, costs, systems, capacity, quality etc) avoiding costly inappropriate sourcing
  • Production
    Factory layout, GRP tooling requirements, GRP production methods, jigs, time & motion studies, training materials, quality control, health & safety, logistics - all under the same control, avoiding conflicts in project flow.
  • Project Manual
    We can provide a comprehensive manual and report covering all aspects of the project from design to specifications and production, with quality assurance and health and safety considerations, giving continuity and structure in manufacture of your Glass Reinforced Plastic product.