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AllScope Projects introduces Bio Resin GRP solutions, enforcing our continued commitment to reducing both our own carbon footprint and that of our clients.


AllScope Projects have been manufacturing GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) commonly known as fiberglass since 1985 across a wide range of sectors including Rail, Medical and Domiciliary, Vehicle Conversions and Public Realm Furniture amongst others. GRP already has many environmental benefits over traditionally manufactured products using materials such as steel and wood, in part due to t’s durability and adaptability to changing environmental conditions increases longevity and significantly reduces waste.

However AllScope Projects focus includes continually looking to evolve their client offering and through ongoing research and development have focussed on both their own and clients carbon footprint, resulting in a new Bio resin GRP solution.


Addressing climate change and environmental degradation through Bio Resin

The urgency of addressing climate change and environmental degradation has never been more apparent. Businesses across all sectors are rightly under increasing pressure to minimise their environmental impact. By utilising Bio Resin GRP, AllScope Projects support their clients to embrace innovation and reduce their own carbon footprint.

AllScope Projects Director of Operations Michael Davies explained “We continually work with our suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint, not just in our own business activities, but also in the materials we use to manufacture GRP”.

“By providing a bio resin GRP solution we are supporting the entire chain from it’s original material source, into manufacture and through to our customers and end users. This supports our customers own carbon footprint management, ensuring we are all aware of and pro-actively fulfilling our duties in responsible and sustainable sourcing and manufacture.”


What is Bio Resin GRP?

Bio Resin, also known as bioplastic or bio-based resin, is a type of resin derived from renewable biomass sources such as plants, algae, or waste materials. This reduces the dependency on fossil fuels and by harnessing renewable resources, bio resin contributes to a more sustainable and circular economy, while addressing concerns about climate change and plastic pollution.

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GRP is used in a wide range of industries including transport, marine, construction, agriculture and health amongst others.
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