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Reshoring supply chain is a term used to describe the process of returning to your own countries market place when sourcing goods and materials.


On the anniversary of renewing our Made in Britain membership we look at the practice of reshoring supply chain and also review the AllScope Projects procurement process. From raw materials such as resin, glass, metalwork and paints, to business services such as marketing, equipment servicing and supplies, we are delighted to confirm our purchasing supply chain is 100% UK based.

Over the last few years we are pleased to see an increase in enquiries from UK manufacturers that are reshoring and restoring their procurement practices for GRP. Similarly we are seeing an increase in enquiries from offshore, sourcing from us in the UK, particularly in the European train manufacture industry. You can view our profile on the ReshoringUK – UK Engineering marketplace here.

There are many reasons that businesses who currently or traditionally purchase from abroad, should reevaluate their buying practices. Over the last 20 years, China became a factory to the world in manufacturing. Other countries such Malaysia, Vietnam and more recently Asian countries including Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka have seen an increase in manufacturing output.

Typically this trend is due to high populations providing large workforces and low labour costs. But, quality sourcing cannot solely reply on cheap labour costs and indeed is certainly not an ethical way of trading.

Whilst we are buying 100% of products and services from within the UK supply chain, we acknowledge that not all raw materials are produced in the UK. However, we are always looking to source raw materials locally and welcome suppliers that can partner with us to achieve this goal. Sometimes reshoring procurement based on your product / service is simply not possible e.g. raw materials, but we will always challenge the possibility and where appropriate, apply the rule and strengthen our procurement resilience.


Benefits of Reshoring to UK Supply Chain:

In developing and managing our procurement strategy, we look at a wide range of elements such as risk, time, ethicacy, economy (local and world), availability, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and finance.

We have put together a top 10 list that could help your decision making when sourcing and planning your GRP procurement (or any product and service) from within the UK


Top Benefits and Considerations of Reshoring

  • Support the UK Economy: Reshoring will support the UK economy, leading to more jobs and confidence in UK manufacture both nationally and internationally. With more jobs comes more opportunity, stimulating increase in skills, training, and new product development.


  • Environmental Impact: Sourcing locally naturally reduces the environmental impact of long haul international freight management. Albeit slow at the moment, the UK is gradually seeing an increase in the switch to electric vehicles within the logistics sector. Local procurement also supports industry leading protocols and standards such as ISO14001:2015


  • Reduced Times: Naturally with a shorter delivery distance, there are reduced waiting times, leading to more continual production and quicker delivery to the end user. There is less time required in freight management not only from a planning and booking aspect, but also in general logistics of paperwork, certifications, import tax management and border clearance.


  • Quality Labour: As the UK has strict Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations, you can verify and monitor the ethical and legal working practices of suppliers much easier. This should all be considered with your CSR practices and company values and mission statements.


  • Collaborative Working: Naturally, sourcing locally can enhance the opportunity for collaborative working, leading to increase in opportunity and efficiency. Creating co-operative style trading can reduce costs and increase confidence within sectors and local business communities.


  • Risk Mitigation: Ensure your procurement strategy includes risk management. Sourcing locally typically means you have more information and transparency about your suppliers such as financial stability, trading practices, forecasting, supply performance, ethical and sustainable trading, which all support to develop trust and positive local business trading relationships.


At AllScope Projects we are proud to endorse local trading and are members of Composites UK and Made In Britain. You can view some of our case studies with local and national businesses here

Have you recently reviewed your procurement process and considered reshoring?

Do you have short term thinking when it comes to supply within the UK, or have you adopted a long term strategy?

We welcome the opportunity to talk with UK manufacturers, particularly if you are looking for GRP solutions. We are a GRP manufacturer based in Lancashire, North West and supply GRP both nationally and Internationally.