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GRP Specialists AllScope Projects Support Lancaster University Formulae Student

AllScope Projects, the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) and Carbon Fibre specialists, have completed a complicated, yet exhilarating support and manufacture project with the Formula Student Team at Lancaster University.

In its 20th year of involvement in Formula Student, the Lancaster University Racing Team breaks new development and design barriers year on year.

Last year saw a major breakthrough as they launched their first electric car, resulting in the team name change to Lancaster ERacing Team.

This year, the focus was on aerodynamics and as ever, maximum speed. With a target of 0-60mph in sub 3 second time they needed to work with a car body design that supported air flow, was lightweight, strong and of course integrated with the chassis.

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Mike Richards-Brown, lead engineer on aerodynamics at Lancaster University ERacing team reached out to the expertise of AllScope Projects.

Mike explained “We are evolving the car year on year with a target of being one of the first British electric cars to compete in the endurance event”.

“All elements considered, aerodynamics plays a critical part in maximizing the performance of the car”.

“We had to find a partner that could provide expertise in carbon fibre design, modelling and development. They also had to understand how intricate detail supports air flow both over and under the car”.

“As soon as we spoke to Michael Davies at AllScope Projects, we knew we had the right partner”.

Michael Davies, General Manager at AllScope Projects said
“Working with the ERacing Team at Lancaster University was a really interesting proposition”.

“Supporting new and emerging design, engineer and manufacture talent through local Universities such as Lancaster University is important to us and our CSR programme.”

“Helping the team through their Masters dissertation project through the ERacing concept, ensures we are supporting emerging talent and growth in GRP design and manufacture”.

GRP and Carbon Fibre Composition

“When Mike contacted us to discuss carbon fibre and GRP modelling, we were delighted to provide our expertise, in-house design, production and finishing facilities.”

“With a focus on safety, robust materials, yet light weight and aerodynamic design, we worked with Mike and the team to understand the existing cars set up, to then support with design enhancements to the outer shell, wings and floor.”

“The GRP body has been developed using a formulated composition of gel coat with CSM (Chopped Strand Matt) and 2 layers of woven roving glass matt within a Polyester Resin Matrix.”

“Using our wet paint, spray booth and baking oven, we then finish off with a base coat and lacquer to form a hard protective and glossy coating for safety and aesthetics.”

“The floor is laid up with pre-preg carbon fibre .Carbon fibre is pre-impregnated with a specific and measured amount of resin that supports the lightness of the carbon fibre, as well as providing strength and durability”.

“The carbon fibre design was made up of 200gsm, 3K 2×2 twill weave and 650gsm 12K 2×2 weave to support the key to support the cars key requirements”.

Michael enthused. “We’ve really enjoyed working with the team and providing key insight in to the composition of the cars shell, floor and wings”. We wish the Lancaster University ERacing team the best of luck”.

Incredible knowledge, products and support feedback

On completion of the project Mike Richards-Brown was delighted with the end result.

“AllScope Projects clearly have huge customers with massive orders.”

“So we wouldn’t have been surprised if we’d been a lower priority for the company, but they produced everything perfectly and on time”.

“The actual and final products received are incredible. Everyone agrees that the car looks stunning and the finish of the bodywork is the best Lancaster has ever had”.

“What the entire 12 person team enjoyed about working with AllScope Projects, was that it allowed us to design more complex bodywork and aerodynamic devices than we would have been able to do, had we made it in house”.

“Similarly, it was really rewarding to see the finished product look as good in real life as it did in renders”.

“I liked how hands on the project was. It formed our Masters dissertation project but it didn’t feel overly ‘academic’. Other team members have said how they think it allowed them to grow a more developed and well rounded skill set”.

To find out more about AllScope Projects GRP and Carbon Fibre design, manufacture and finishing, visit us at http://www.grp.AllScope.co.uk or call 01282 446 300

About Lancaster University ERacing Team
We are a group of passionate and ambitious 4th year Engineering Masters students from Lancaster University.
This project not only forms a huge part of our IMechE accredited degrees, but also enables us to develop our real industry skills and gives us the opportunity to represent our university on a global stage.
To find out more, visit http://www.engineering.lancs.ac.uk/lancaster-racing/?page_id=8


About Formula Student
Formula Student is an international event organised in the UK by the IMechE for engineering students to design and manufacture a single-seat racing car and compete at an annual competition at Silverstone race circuit.
To find out more, visit http://www.imeche.org